Company overview

N.A Global is specialised in consulting, facilitation and harnessing of business opportunities.

We ideate, create access, and connect people and opportunities. One core focus area are Mining of Precious Minerals, Exporting Precious Minerals, Construction, Agriculture and Real Estate.

The field is around Kouroussa are in Siguiri Basinin East Guinea. To reach the site its only by car/road from the capital Conakry and Bamako (Mali).

The roads are mostly stabilized and need off-road cars but the main road is under construction and are planning to finish the asphalt in about a year.

There is no professional Geological study and/or report of the site since we reached to the site. There is a geophysics maps of concession from guinea Mining Ministry and it shows that the area is semi potential area for presence of gold.


There are several exploration and exploration licenses around the field and the area is in a good position of Birimian Greenston Belt. These areas are covered by laterites, Saphrolites and Quartz. The potential Exploration Area is completely cover by alluvial sediments.

Our Core Service Areas

N.A Global focuses on the following:

  • Mining of Precious Minerals
  • Exporting Precious Minerals
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Real Estate
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